Original Dieter's Drink

Original Natural Green Leaf Brand Dietary Supplement.
Ingredients: Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mallow), Cassia Angustifolia (Senna), Persimmon Leaf, Papaya, Stevia.

How it Works

"This short letter is to commend your great product "Herbal Dieters' Drink."

My mother swears by it. She says this is the best tea she has ever tried. And because of her comments, she now has over 10 of her friends drinking this tea.

- Marilyn, Rochester, NY

PCT's Original Green Tea

Green tea has been used in the Chinese culture for over 4000 years.

How it Works

"I am just amazed how wonderful the tea made me feel."

It is so natural. I drink one cup in the morning and the same at night - I am sold on green tea.

- Ruby, Kings Mountain, NC

Healthy Skin

PCT's E-Tea contains ginger and other herbs. Helps alleviate minor red and itchy skin and helps support and maintain healthy skin.*

Cholesterol Support

PCT's Ginseng Lin Chi Tuocha Tea helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range.*

How it Works


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